Automotive Markets

Performance Proven on the Road

With a range of customizable systems, modules and cells, A123 lithium-ion energy storage solutions are field-proven to achieve higher performance levels and increase efficiency in automotive applications.

Low Voltage Hybrids

Meet fuel economy and emissions demands with world-class technology that delivers high charge rate capability.

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Plug-In Vehicles

With world-class energy density, a modular component strategy, and strong cost focus, we can quickly provide complete battery systems.

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Commercial Vehicles

Our customizable solutions dominate the market for large commercial vehicles, particularly those that demand high power.

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Our high-performance cells dominate the podium for elite racing teams across the globe.

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Industrial Markets

From the runway to the fairway, A123 is forging new paths with high power, high energy lithium-ion solutions that offer numerous benefits over lead acid batteries.

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