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Game-changing technologies

From the runway to the fairway, A123 is forging new paths with high power, high energy lithium-ion solutions that offer numerous benefits over lead acid batteries. With lithium-ion technology performance, you can expect fewer battery replacements and more operating time. Rest assured, there’s nothing to hold you back. At A123, our products live up to the most rigorous safety standards. Our cells have achieved FAA certification.

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Material Handling

From the factory floor to the warehouse aisle, A123 battery technology gives you the power to do more. Many companies that rely on material handling have made the switch to A123 and every day, more are deciding to make the switch. Our battery technology allows a quicker charge time without adversely affecting battery life. This provided hours of seamless operations. Our battery technology also features higher power density resulting in longer run times for customers.

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Critical Power

A123 offers versatile lithium ion technologies that provide energy storage for multiple applications across power generation, transmission and distribution cycles. Our technologies are helping to create uninterruptible power sources for data centers, commercial properties and homes. These options increase efficiencies, improve power quality, and support greater asset utilization for business-critical applications and residential systems.

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Small Motive

A123 will transform the way you work and play with a wide range of lithium-ion applications for personal use including wheel chairs, golf carts, turf equipment, ATVs and scooters. Our lithium ion technology provides extended performance life and time between maintenance intervals. And unlike lead-acid batteries, A123’s lithium-ion technology provides efficiency and little down time between each charge.



Our cell technologies deliver consistent, sustainable power and performance. Lithium-ion technology is the preferred choice for today’s advanced medical equipment. A123 technology is powering surgical tools and medical devices designed to improve outcomes and extend life for patients. Our cell technology features a longer cycle life and faster recharging capabilities. When it comes to saving lives, every second matters.

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Lithium-ion batteries are becoming a popular engine start system for general, business and air transport category aircraft. A123 technology delivers high energy cell performance at a much lighter weight. Our batteries also offer an excellent cycle life and superior cost performance.

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