Ultra-high Power Cell Technology

In the ultimate test of power and performance, A123 dominates the world of motorsports with both high-power and high-energy cell technologies that consistently perform at world class levels.

We first established leadership in energy recovery systems of Formula One racing beginning with the 2011 season and have been dominating the podium ever since. In 2014 A123 also became a Featured Technical Partner to Porsche’s 919 Hybrid in the FIA World Endurance Championship Series.

Energy recovery system leader

Energy recovery system leader

Formula One Racing
Featured Technical Partner

Featured Technical Partner

of Porsche

Many of the cars on the Formula One starting grid now rely on our cell technology to energize their ultra-high power hybrid functionality.

Charging to Victory

Together, Porsche and A123 have pushed the Porsche 919 to the limits of hybrid functionality allowed by the FIA regulations, and enjoyed some big wins in one of the most challenging endurance races in the world. Powered by our custom batteries, the Porsche 919 hybrid system managed more than 850kWh of energy during the 24 Hours of Le Mans to become the most fuel efficient champion in the history of the race.

World-class Performance

We’re shaping the future of motorsports with battery chemistry and cell design technologies that can be tailored to reach design targets previously regarded as impossible. In the world of elite racing, A123 has consistently demonstrated an ability to outpace the competition at every turn.