Automotive Products

Precise Engineering. Extensive Applications Expertise.

Breakthrough technology forms the core of our automotive product portfolio and allows us to manufacture highly competitive lithium-ion solutions at the system, module and cell level. As true innovators in battery system design, we have the engineering expertise needed to support development and validation of advanced cell designs, software, electronics and thermal management systems that power today’s electrified vehicles.


Each fully integrated battery system is optimized to meet your performance requirements for power, energy, safety and life, as well as size, weight and cost.

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Our modular building blocks have the flexibility to easily scale and accommodate different pack configurations, enabling rapid deployment into new vehicle programs.

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At the core of A123 modules and systems, our world-class cells employ the most advanced battery chemistry for each application to minimize pack oversizing and system cost.

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Global Manufacturing Facilities.

Our global manufacturing footprint balances economies of scale and proximity to customers so that we are always prepared to cost effectively deliver lithium-ion solutions that power the world’s most advanced vehicle technology.

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