Lithium-ion 48V Battery

Our 48V battery solutions lead the way in automotive mild-hybrid vehicle technology. They offer powerful acceptance for regenerative braking and high discharge capability across an extended range of temperatures to support high current comfort features. The cost-effective compact design has a low thermal resistance. This means that many mild-hybrid applications do not require active cooling.




Cycle Life
High Charge

High Charge



System-level Safety

Breakthrough UltraPhosphate Chemistry

Innovative chemistry powers our 48V battery technology, which is known for long life and the ability to support a broad range of applications, including engine downsizing, performance upgrades and fuel saving mild-hybrid features.

Product Specifications

Lithium-ion 48V Battery
Capacity 8Ah Ultraphosphate™ 6Ah Ultraphosphate™
Weight <8 kg <7kg
Extended Operating Temp -30°C to 65°C -30°C to 65°C
Storage Temp -40°C to 65°C -40°C to 65°C
Dimensions 304 x 96 x 180 mm 304 x 92 x 180 mm
Typical SoC Range 30-80% 30-80%
Operating Voltage 24-54V 24-54V
10s Discharge, BOL (kW) 15.0 13.0
10s Charge, BOL (kW) 16.0 14.0
60s Discharge, BOL (kW) 7.5 6
60s Charge, BOL (kW) 9.0 6.5
Usable Energy (50% Nameplate) 180Wh 135Wh