A123 Automotive Technology

Superior Science

A123’s world-class team of cell engineers and material scientists apply deep technical understanding to make every product they touch better.

Ultraphosphate has Power to Spare

Our exclusive UltraPhosphate technology was specifically engineered to maximize power by reducing resistance across the entire range of operating temperatures. The resulting cells exhibit major benefits for every power application such as remarkable cold cranking power in a starter battery and so little self-heating in a 48V system that active cooling is sometimes unnecessary.

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High Energy Solutions with NMC

Today we spend the majority of our scientific talent on programs to extract maximum driving range from the smallest and lightest package possible. Extensive use of the Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) family of chemistries has yielded a growing portfolio of safe and reliable high energy solutions.

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Surpass Safety Standards

As A123 works with an ever increasing breadth of battery materials, we won’t compromise on the product safety for which our original technology is well-known. Higher energy materials naturally present greater safety challenges in design but we are more than up to the task.