Nanophosphate EXT™ Lithium Ion

A123’s next-generation Nanophosphate EXT™ lithium ion battery technology improves power capability at low temperature and life at high temperature, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for costly thermal management.

lithium ion battery technology

100% DOD Cycling at 45ºC

By extending the capabilities of our core Nanophosphate® technology over a wider temperature operating range, Nanophosphate EXT is expected to deliver increased performance and reliability while minimizing complexity and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the battery system for a number of applications, including micro hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, telecommunications backup and lead acid replacement applications, among others.

Key Benefits:

Improved Power Capability

  • Nanophosphate EXT delivers improved power, especially at low temperatures
  • 20-30% higher power than our standard Nanophosphate® chemistry
  • Superior power retention

Extended Calendar and Cycle Life

  • Improved calendar and cycle life, particularly at elevated temperatures
  • 2-3x the cycle life of lithium ion competitors
  • 10x the life of lead acid

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Wide temperature operating capability reduces the need for costly thermal management equipment and associated operating costs
  • Greater power capability reduces the need for pack oversizing to meet application requirements
  • Better calendar and cycle life means greater battery utilization, fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs

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Nanophosphate EXT Technology


Nanophosphate EXT: Update on Testing from OSU's Center for Automotive Research

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