AHR32113 Power Modules

10S2P, 8.8Ah, 10kW

Nanophosphate® AHR32113 Power Modules:
With modular design flexibility for passenger and commercial hybrid powertrains, our high power modules are easily configurable for rapid deployment and validation into vehicle platforms. Each module comes equipped with battery management electronics for cell balancing, voltage, temperature and state of charge (SOC) measurement, and stores data over time for diagnostic history. Radsok® high voltage connectors enable safe module connections and quick swapping in the field for easy servicing.

The AHR32113 Series Power Modules are the building blocks for our turnkey Power Core Packs.

Primary Applications:

  • Passenger hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
  • Commercial hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)


  • Laser welded bus bars
  • Integrated cell level fusing
  • Cell balancing - extended life


  • Core cell: AHR32113 Cylindrical Cell
  • Configurations: 10S(1-4)P
  • Capacity range: 4.4Ah to 17.6Ah
  • Power range: 5kW to 20kW
  • Nominal voltage: 33V
  • Thermal management: can be liquid or air cooled

* Modules are not available for consumer use or aftermarket conversion kits

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