Power Core Pack (110kW)

Nanophosphate® Power Core Pack (110kW) (Under Development): We are currently developing 110kW Power Core Packs as ready-to-use sample packs for rapid deployment into commercial hybrid powertrains for testing and development purposes. Off-the-shelf Power Core Packs will offer an already finished design to facilitate early vehicle development with less lead time and no engineering charges. Each pack will come equipped with battery management electronics, thermal management, and standard vehicle communication and control interface.

Our Power Core Packs are built using our AHR32113 Power Modules.

Automotive Class Lithium Ion Battery Technology

A123’s automotive class lithium ion battery systems deliver high energy without compromising power performance, excellent safety performance and extensive cycle life in a compact package.

  • High Power: Higher charge and discharge rates for better performance and efficiency
  • Higher Usable Energy: Wide SOC (state of charge) range enables greater battery utilization
  • Extended Cycle Life: Long battery life for more than a million micro-cycles and thousands of 100% DOD (depth of discharge) cycles
  • Excellent Safety: Superior abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium ion chemistries

Primary Application:

  • Commercial hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)


  • Core module: AHR32113 Power Module
  • Configurations: 80S2P to 120S2P
  • Capacity: 8.8Ah
  • Power: 75kW - 110kW
  • Nominal Voltage: 264V to 393V
  • Thermal management: liquid cooled
  • Sealed System: IP67 Rated for temporary immersion
  • Standard vehicle communication and control interface, configured for ease of integration
  • Battery Management Systems: Our Electrical Distribution Module (EDM), Battery Control Module (BCM), and Current Sense Module (CSM) are built from standard validated components

* Packs are not available for consumer use or aftermarket conversion kits

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