Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

The Commercial Solutions Group develops advanced Nanophosphate® lithium ion battery solutions that deliver higher performance, longer life and lower total cost of ownership as compared with traditional battery chemistries for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

We bring products to the market in three distinct ways:

Standard Products

A123’s Ship-to-Order products include our line of A123 Lithium Modules (ALMs) , which are available for partners and consumers looking for a higher-performance, longer-lasting solution as compared with traditional lead acid batteries. Individual A123 cells are available for qualified Value Add Channel Partners (VACPs) and OEMs that are interested in developing their own proprietary solution for inclusion in their products, but note that A123 and our VACPs do not currently sell cells online for direct purchase.

Modular Products

Our Configure-to-Order products include telecommunication backup, data center UPS and other systems that are constructed with modular building blocks. Using this modular approach, our applications engineers can quickly configure a turnkey solution that meets a customer’s specific requirements to optimize the performance of their products and give them a time-to-market advantage.

Custom Products

Our Engineer–to-Order products are designed to meet the high power, fast charge and long cycle life requirements for IT infrastructure, autonomously guided vehicle (AGV), medical equipment and other applications. For customers with unique applications that require custom-built battery systems, A123 has the design and integration expertise to deliver optimized solutions. Using A123’s proprietary Nanophosphate® cell technology and incorporating field-proven battery management systems, we develop fully integrated systems designed to deliver the high power, long life and light weight required for your unique application.

A123’s patented Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate technology delivers a unique combination of high power, robust safety and long cycle and calendar life that provides customers with significant upgrades over legacy lead-acid batteries, including lighter weight, longer life, faster charge capability and higher reliability. This results in a lower overall cost of ownership, and because our batteries deliver consistent performance, even at low states of charge, A123’s solutions deliver improved user experience.

Primary Applications:

  • Datacenter UPS
  • Telecommunications
  • IT Backup
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Autonomously Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Medical Systems

Key Benefits:

  • Long cycle and calendar life
  • Uniform discharge
  • Significantly lighter weight than lead acid or other incumbent technologies
  • Integrated safety systems including short circuit, overvoltage and overdischarge protection
  • Consistent high power performance, even at high discharge rates


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