Energy Storage for Passenger Vehicles

A123 has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing advanced automotive lithium ion battery systems in an efficient package to enable the styling and performance expected from passenger vehicles. We’ve developed battery systems for electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that meet and exceed rigorous automotive performance standards of major global automakers.

From custom solutions to off-the-shelf systems, A123 has the proven technology and extensive applications integration expertise to bring your application from conception to commercialization.

High-Performance Lithium Ion Battery Technology

A123’s breakthrough Nanophosphate® technology delivers high power and energy density combined with excellent safety performance and extensive cycle life. Our products have low capacity loss and impedance growth over time, allowing our systems to meet end-of-life power and energy requirements with minimal pack oversizing. A123’s automotive battery systems meet the demanding performance requirements of passenger vehicles while offering lower system lifecycle costs.

Minimal pack oversizing and wide SOC (State of Charge) operating window means you get more from the battery:

Greater battery utilization = Superior price performance

  • High Power: Higher charge and discharge rates for better performance and efficiency
  • Higher Usable Energy: Wide SOC (state of charge) range enables greater battery utilization
  • Extended Cycle Life: Long battery life for more than a million micro-cycles and thousands of 100% DOD (depth of discharge) cycles
  • Excellent Safety: Superior abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium ion chemistries

Select Passenger Vehicle Customers:

Axeon (systems integrator) PHEV sedan for a European automaker
BMW ActiveHybrid 3 HEV
ActiveHybrid 5 HEV
Delphi (systems integrator) SAIC Roewe 750 HEV
Fisker Automotive Karma PHEV sedan
General Motors Chevrolet Spark EV
McLaren Starter battery on MP4-12C
Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) Roewe 550 PHEV
Roewe E50 EV


PHEV Sedan

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Usable Energy: Key to Determining the True Cost of Advanced Lithium Ion Battery Systems for Electric Vehicles

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