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Energy Storage for Passenger Vehicles


A123 has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing advanced automotive lithium-ion battery systems in a powerful package to enable the efficiency and performance that is expected from passenger vehicles. We’ve developed battery systems for electric vehicles (EVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that meet or exceed the rigorous automotive performance standards of major global automakers.

Offering custom solutions based on cost-effective modular components, A123 has the proven technology and extensive applications integration expertise to bring your application from conception to commercialization.

High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Delivering superior performance to passenger vehicles has driven A123 to expand the breadth of our product portfolio beyond our historical focus on LFP technology. By moving toward offering the proven NMC chemistry, A123 will be able to deliver a cost-effective, longer range solution for the passenger car market.  Our innovative materials development team has optimized A123 technology for power, energy, and cost, delivering battery systems that meet the demanding performance requirements of passenger vehicles globally.


          A123 products deliver excellent energy density providing more driving range per charge. Our advanced technology allows vehicle manufacturers to engineer powertrain advancements that are environmentally conscious. These advances help reduce emissions, provide better fuel economy and ultimately reduce our reliance on oil.