48V Lithium-Ion Battery

                             48V Battery

48V Battery: A123's UltraPhosphate lithium-ion 48V battery provides a cost effective and compact solution to support considerable fuel economy savings for micro-hybrid vehicle applications. With powerful charge acceptance and the potential to eliminate a battery cooling system, A123's 48V battery sets a new automotive standard. The UltraPhosphate difference provides a robust battery that can support engine downsizing, performance upgrades such as electric supercharging, and fuel saving micro-hybrid features like advanced recuperation. 

Dynamic Charge Acceptance:

A123's powerful 48V battery can accept high rates of charge and capture more energy from regenerative braking for improved vehicle fuel economy and reduced emissions. This high power capability is sustained over the life of the vehicle. A123's breakthrough lithium-ion chemistry now delivers a wider temperature operating range compared to other lithium-ion solutions.

Extensive Cycle Life:

UltraPhosphate technology delivers a long lasting solution, often without the need for active battery cooling. This advantage gnerally eliminates air ducts, fans and thermal integration work for the vehicle manufacturer.


Smart on-board battery management system (BMS) electronics report real-time data and diagnostics to protect the battery and prevent premature failures, reducing service and warranty costs. The integrated BMS provides cell balancing and built-in system-level safety features, protecting the battery from under/over voltage or over temperature conditions.

Light Weight & Compact:

The high power density of UltraPhosphate allows for a lower mass and more compact design. The battery that can be packaged under seats, behind trim panels, and in other space constrained locations.

Product Specifications
Capacity 8 Ah LFP
Weight <8 kg
Extended Operating Temp -30ºC to 65ºC
Storage Temp -40ºC to 65ºC
Dimensions 304 x 96 x 180 mm
Typical SoC Range 30-80%
10s Discharge, BOL (kW) 15.0
10s Charge, BOL (kW)


  60s Discharge, BOL (kW)


60s Charge, BOL (kW)


  Usable Energy

>180 Wh