Wanxiang Qianchao and Wanxiang A123 entered the list of top 100 creative enterprises in Zhejiang Province

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Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Association announced the list of top 100 enterprises of creativity in Zhejiang Province in 2022, and Wanxiang Qianchao and Wanxiang A123 were on the list.

It is understood that the list is mainly based on the comprehensive evaluation of three indicators: the number of effective invention patents, the number of high-value invention patents, and the number of invention patents authorized in the last three years of the enterprises in the previous year.

Wanxiang Qianchao focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of automotive parts and components, with universal joints and hub unit products leading the world and No.1 in the domestic industry, and transmission shafts, isokinetic drive shafts, bearings and other products leading the domestic market. The company has a national enterprise technology center, a national postdoctoral workstation and a national accredited laboratory, won the first Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award, the first China Quality Award Nomination Prize, the fourth China Quality Award Nomination Prize, the National Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Enterprises and other honors, has two manufacturing industry single champion demonstration enterprises, led and participated in the development of universal joints and other products, international standards, national standards, industry standards and so on, a cumulative total of 60 items, with a total of authorized patents at home and abroad. The company has won more than 60 international standards, national standards and industrial standards for universal joints and other products, and has obtained more than 2,900 domestic and foreign authorized patents, including more than 260 invention patents.

Wanxiang Qianchao has always attached great importance to innovation and development, insisted on the supremacy of science and technology, increased investment in scientific research, and applied and promoted science and technology to enterprise operation to realize industrial upgrading and development. With the guiding principle of "technology patenting, patent standardization, standard industrialization, industry marketization and market globalization", Wanxiang Chancellor adheres to the principle of "creation as the core, application as the key, protection as the foundation and management as the guarantee", and vigorously implements the strategy of intellectual property rights of enterprises. In the year of 2022, Wanxiang Qiangchao made remarkable achievements in intellectual property rights: Wanxiang Qiangchao won the honor of "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" for the first time, and Wanxiang Qiangchao and Transmission Shaft Company won the honor of "Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise of Zhejiang Province". A total of 249 patents were applied for and published throughout the year, of which 116 were invention patents, accounting for 47%; 307 patents were authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office throughout the year, of which 57 were invention patents, an increase of 418% compared with the previous year, and 244 were utility model patents, an increase of 36% compared with the previous year.

Wanxiang A123 is committed to battery R&D and manufacturing, headquartered in Hangzhou, with R&D centers and manufacturing bases in Boston and Detroit, USA, Stuttgart, Germany, and Ostrava, Czech Republic. The company has mastered the core technology of Super Nano Lithium Iron Phosphate, focusing on high-power, high-energy, long-life, high-performance and safe batteries, providing comprehensive battery solutions for new energy vehicles, industrial energy and smart grid. The company has established a provincial key enterprise research institute, Zhejiang Engineering Research Center and Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center, and has 715 validly authorized patents worldwide, including 546 invention patents.

The company has built a professional intellectual property team to conduct patent investigation, patent mining, patent protection and patent risk analysis at different stages according to the process of R&D projects. In addition to IP engineers with rich experience in the field, the project team also includes key technical personnel of R&D projects, who discuss and analyze together for better patent layout. The company continuously improves the intellectual property management system, successfully passes the certification of the system, and is awarded the title of Hangzhou Patent Pilot Enterprise in 2021, and passes the supervision and review of intellectual property through standard in 2022, and is awarded the title of Hangzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprise. 2020 and 2021, the number of patent acceptance of the company grows year by year with an increase of 200%. 2021, the number of patent disclosure of China's power battery patents is the highest among the innovative subject statistics. In 2021, the number of patents accepted by the company increased by 200% year by year, and in 2021, the number of patent disclosure innovation subject statistics of China power battery patent disclosure statistics, Wanxiang A123 value ranked TOP11, with a year-on-year increase of 393.8%. In the past three years, the proportion of the company's authorized patents to the overall effective patents reached 56%.