Wanxiang 123 won the Wanxiang Annual Science and Technology Award of 2023

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On the evening of January 30, the "Wanxiang Annual Science and Technology Award of 2023" was announced, and Wanxiang 123 "High Intelligence 48V multi-technology Project" won 3 million yuan. This is the second annual Wanxiang Science and Technology Awards.





Wanxiang Annual Science and Technology Award is the highest science and technology honor of Wanxiang, the bonus amount of 3 million yuan, the annual selection and reward with originality, leading, creating huge economic benefits, and continuously improving the competitiveness of the company's scientific and technological achievements, the most source, the most core technology originators are rewarded. The award was proposed by Chairman Lu Weiding and decided to be established by the Board of Directors. It was awarded for the first time on January 16, 2023. Wanxiang Qianchao Universal Joint Factory won the award for its "Double modified compensation type sealed vibration absorbing universal Joint Development" project.



The "Highly intelligent 48V Multi-technology" project realized the major breakthrough of 48V system from 0 to 1 in automotive application through original technology, realized the development and three iterations of the world's highest power super nano lithium iron phosphate material, realized the structural design of the world's thinnest electrode sheet in mass production cell, and realized the world's highest level of functional safety and the highest fuel saving rate. Seize the commanding heights of the automobile industry technology, gain the recognition of the world's first-class users, and the product market share reaches 60%.





Lu Weiding congratulated the scientists and engineers! He pointed out that the group honored outstanding scientific and technological achievements in the industrial field with the annual science and Technology award, creating a strong atmosphere of "science and technology first". Lu Weiding said that in the past, Wanxiang proposed "ten years of struggle to add a zero", the "zero" were added to the operator workers, sales personnel, management, science and technology workers, we insisted on doing it. In 2024, Wanxiang ushered in the 55th anniversary of its founding, so that "ten years of struggle to add a city" will "ten years of struggle to add zero" continue to move forward, and still rely on science and technology to lead the drive. In the future, in the field of science and technology, it is said to do it, think of it, and dream come true. May the vast number of scientific and technological workers work hard!


Wanxiang as an industrial technology group, adhere to the supremacy of science and technology, firmly human factors. The creation, achievement and contribution of the "Wanxiang Annual Science and Technology Award" clearly convey the technical values of Wanxiang and greatly stimulate the enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation. In the fertile soil of the supremacy of science and technology, we will bear more fruits of science and technology!