15 years of energy storage products without safety risk will be presented at the US International Clean Energy Show 2024

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In early May, A123 Systems participated in CLEANPOWER 2024, a U.S. International Clean Energy exhibition sponsored by the American Clean Energy (ACP) Association, to showcase energy storage products and clean energy solutions to users around the world. As an industry leader, as early as 2009, A123 system is supporting the Southern California power plant 2MW Hybrid-APU™ auxiliary power supply energy storage system, has more than 15 years of global container supporting experience, widely recognized by users, the exhibition also with a number of North American intention to order users to carry out in-depth exchanges.



The 5-foot container with a capacity of 836kWh from A123 Systems was the focus of the show, which successfully attracted attention with its scalable and plug-and-play innovative solution.



Intrinsic safety is the foundation of energy storage products, and the three-stage aerosol fire extinguishing system introduced by A123 system provides a solid guarantee for the intrinsic safety of energy storage units and meets the needs of large-scale energy storage for power grid and utility users, which has been widely discussed and concerned during the exhibition.



Intelligent temperature control is the guarantee of extended life, through intelligent and accurate control of the temperature of the battery pack, to ensure that the battery is always in the best working condition. This innovative design not only improves the reliability of the system, but also extends the service life of the battery, providing users with more lasting and stable energy support.

In addition, all of the industrial ESS Packs on display at A123 Systems are IP67 waterproof and can withstand a variety of harsh outdoor conditions.

In addition to large-scale energy storage products, A123 system products have reached home energy storage solutions, which can be flexibly adjusted from 1 KWH to 64 KWH, providing a steady stream of energy support for different travel and living scenarios.



Director of North American Sales for A123 Systems said: "CLEANPOWER 2024 is a great opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share our innovations and contribute to the clean energy conversation. We are proud to be a part of this transformative industry and we look forward to driving positive change together."

The United States International Clean Energy Exhibition is one of the world's largest professional clean energy trade exhibition and industry development forum, this year's exhibition still brings together wind energy, solar energy, energy storage, hydrogen energy and energy transmission fields and other industry frontier information and the latest research and development results, attracting many industry participants and professional visitors to discuss the industry frontier dynamics, build a network of partners, And further explore the future development opportunities.

As a global leader in advanced energy storage technology, A123 Systems serves diverse markets such as automotive, grid storage and consumer applications worldwide. The company's focus on safety, performance and sustainability continues to shape the clean energy landscape.