A123 Systems Showcases Innovative Energy Storage Solutions at Intersolar Munich 2023

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Munich, June 2023 — A123 Systems successfully participated in Intersolar Munich 2023, one of the world’s leading exhibitions for the solar industry and its partners. This premier event focused on the latest developments in solar technology, photovoltaics, and renewable energy, providing a platform for innovation and collaboration. During the event, A123 Systems showcased its latest advancements in energy storage technology. The company introduced the Apower-H, a state-of-the art home energy storage solution, alongside a 1500V large liquid/cooled energy storage system designed for industrial use. These innovations highlight A123 Systems' commitment to driving the development of a sustainable energy ecosystem.


Intersolar Munich 2023: A Hub of Innovation

Held from June 14th to 16th, Intersolar Munich brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss and showcase the future of sustainable energy. A123 Systems' participation underscored their role as a key player in the energy storage sector, providing solutions that meet both consumer and industrial needs.


Spotlight on A123 Systems' Cutting-Edge Products

The Apower-H home energy storage solution was a major highlight, demonstrating advanced features that offer reliability and efficiency for residential users. Additionally, the 1500V large liquid-cooled energy storage system captured significant attention for its capacity to handle large-scale energy demands efficiently, making it ideal for industrial applications.


Engagement and Collaboration

Throughout the event, A123 Systems engaged with numerous attendees, sharing detailed information about their products and discussing how their energy storage solutions can contribute to a sustainable future. The company's presence at Intersolar Munich 2023 reinforced their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.


Looking Ahead

A123 Systems is excited to continue leading the way in energy storage technology. Their participation in Intersolar Munich 2023 marked another milestone in their journey towards fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem.