A123 Systems Showcases Groundbreaking Advancements at the European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024

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Munich, Germany - A123 Systems, a pioneer in battery technology and a leading innovator in energy storage solutions, proudly participated in the European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024 (ENEV 2024), held on May 6-7, 2024, in Munich. The event brought together industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from across the globe to discuss and explore the future of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs).


During the conference, Mr. Zixi Wang, Vice President of Global Sales & Product Strategy at A123 Systems, delivered an impactful presentation outlining A123’s Technology Roadmap. His presentation focused on the company's ongoing efforts to enhance energy density and improve safety measures in battery technology.


A highlight of Mr. Wang’s presentation was the announcement of A123’s upcoming product launch: the Semi-Solid-State Battery (SSSB) with an impressive energy density of 350Wh/kg, scheduled for release in 2024 at the company's new campus in Hangzhou, China. This breakthrough technology represents a significant advancement in the battery industry, promising to set new standards in both performance and safety.

“A123’s Semi-Solid-State Battery (SSSB) offers exceptional safety performance, even under extreme conditions,” Mr. Wang stated. “Our rigorous testing has demonstrated that the SSSB can prevent thermal runaway under severe abuse scenarios, such as 200% maximum voltage and full nail penetration. This level of safety is crucial for the future of NEVs, as it ensures the reliability and protection of vehicles and their occupants.”



The European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024 provided a platform for A123 Systems to share its vision and progress with an audience of global industry leaders. The company's dedication to innovation and excellence was well-received, highlighting its role as a key player in the evolution of battery technology for NEVs.

As A123 Systems continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in battery technology, its contributions are poised to significantly impact the NEV industry, driving forward the adoption of cleaner, safer, and more efficient energy solutions.