The 54th Anniversary Meeting of Wanxiang Foundation Lu Weiding Emphasized: Establishing a Talent Ecosystem from a Strategic Perspective

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On July 8, the fifty-fourth anniversary meeting of Wanxiang's foundation was held. Lu Weiding presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech entitled "Establishing Talent Ecosystem from a Strategic Height".

Lu Weiding reviewed Wanxiang's past in his speech. He said that from July 8, 1969 to today, Wanxiang has come full circle to celebrate its 54th anniversary. After today, it will be the 55th year. In the 1990s, when Wanxiang was founded more than 20 years ago, Xinhua News Agency had an article saying that Wanxiang was an "evergreen tree", and some people said it was a "wave runner". In the blink of an eye, more than 30 years have passed. General Secretary Xi Jinping commented that Wanxiang "always walks on a correct path" and "is always in a position to lead the trend". Through more than half a century of big waves, Wanxiang has always maintained continuous and steady development, which is a miracle created by Wanxiang people. Thank you all! Thank you to our predecessors!

Lu Weiding pointed out that, at the age of 55, it is very clear where Wanxiang is going, "make the air fresher" is the mission, we are plowing into clean energy and intelligent control of the dynamic line, attacking the bearings, chassis, material science, control system, energy storage and storage, and the scientific supremacy of the construction of the Wanxiang Innovation City to build the industrial science and technology innovation center, the Wanxiang's strategy is forward-looking, the direction is clear, and the pace is firm.

Lu Weiding emphasized that when the strategy is determined, people are the deciding factor. Without talents, there will be no 54 years of Wanxiang. Without talents, there is no future of Wanxiang. The speech starts from "development plan, people are fundamental", "how to use people in big market, what we learn", "what kind of people Wanxiang needs",  " How Wanxiang selects talents", "How employees respond to Wanxiang's selection mechanism", "Straighten out several relationships, eliminate several shortcomings", "Talents, the relationship between the future of Wanxiang "In seven aspects, it comprehensively and deeply elaborates the talent strategy of Wanxiang.

Lu Weiding pointed out that "no filial piety, no posterity", and so does the enterprise, the cause can not be followed by no one! We should look inward, lay a good foundation, and make up for the lesson of human resources. From the strategic configuration, to realize the "struggle for ten years to add a zero", that is, the annual compound growth of 25.89%, the talent first to achieve 25.89% compound annual growth. To improve the talent ecosystem, not only to have a "unique" space, but also to have a "blossom" foundation, the interdependence of various levels of talent, up and down to undertake. The most important thing is to cultivate the soil, create a large number of leaders, and cultivate battalion commanders, regimental commanders, division commanders, army commanders and even squad commanders who are capable of leading soldiers into battle.

Lu Weiding emphasized that Chinese modernization is not a pie falling from the sky, and that the sustained growth of "struggling for ten years to add a zero" is not a gold growing on the ground. Everything relies on people to work out. 55-year-old Wanxiang how to continue to move forward? To Wanxiang 60 years old, 80 years old, 100 years old, 110 years old ...... what we take to her gift? With what to seize the future? What can we rely on to maintain our glory and create more new glory, so that our descendants will be honored by us? Development is the first priority, it is people who promote development, and people are the first guarantee of development. Only when the goal of continuous development is combined with the growing kinetic energy of people, can we be called "Modern Wanxiang People".

Lu Weiding said that for Wanxiang Group, which is heading towards 55 years of history, the future lies in talents. To this end, Lu Weiding called for talents for Wanxiang's "Three Creations", for talents for Wanxiang's Innovation Fusion City, for talents for Wanxiang to be a respected company, to be a great company, and to do a good job of seeking talents for the company, and "in the simplest terms, it is for me to seek talents"!