Wanxiang won the first prize of the first Zhejiang Intellectual Property Award Trademark Award

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Recently, the first zhejiang province intellectual property award winners list, the provincial government issued "on the recognition of the first zhejiang province intellectual property award winners of the decision", the award-winning units and individuals to be notified and commended. "WANXIANG" won the first prize of trademark award, Wanxiang Qianchao's "a kind of vehicle electro-hydraulic braking system and braking method" won the invention patent award, Wanxiang A123's "a kind of high rate of anode materials lithium iron phosphate Wanxiang A123's "Preparation Method of Lithium Iron Phosphate, a High Multiplicity Anode Material" and "A Box-integrated Liquid-cooled Pipeline Heat-exchange Power Battery System" were awarded the Patent Prize for Invention and the Patent Prize for Utility Model, respectively.

Wanxiang has set up the awareness of trademark and brand management since its foundation, and registered and used the trademark "Qianchao" in the category of automobile parts and components in 1981, and later used different core trademarks in different fields with the continuous development and growth of the enterprise, and registered and used the trademark system with corresponding characteristics according to the cultural characteristics of the overseas audience. After the grouping of enterprises in the 1990s, the awareness of trademark protection was further enhanced, the corresponding management system and measures were improved, and the trademark strategy was more forward-looking. In order to strengthen the trademark strategy, Wanxiang acquired Guangzhou Bearing Factory in 2000 and obtained the trademark "Wanxiang", realizing the "trinity" of enterprise name, product and trademark. At present, the trademark "Wanxiang" is widely used in auto parts, batteries, clean energy products and technical services under Wanxiang Group, which has been awarded as China Famous Brand Product and recognized as China Well-known Trademark for many times, and has a good brand image both in China and abroad. In 2010, the General Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) identified 41 enterprises as the first batch of National Trademark Strategy enterprises nationwide. In 2010, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) identified 41 enterprises as the first batch of model enterprises for the implementation of national trademark strategy, and Wanxiang was the only enterprise selected in Zhejiang Province. 2015, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) honored Wanxiang with the "China Trademark Gold Award - Trademark Innovation Award".

In the past 55 years since its establishment, Wanxiang has formed a complete trademark management and protection system, deepening the management in multiple dimensions from trademark creation, global trademark layout and trademark defense, which has played a powerful role in promoting the development of the global market.

Wanxiang Qianchao's "A Vehicle Electro-hydraulic Braking System and Braking Method" adopts a high-power electric motor and a four-piston eccentric pump as the pressurizing mechanism, which can realize four kinds of braking methods, overcoming the shortcomings of the existing technology, and featuring a long lifespan, a small installation volume, a stable braking pressure and a high degree of accuracy.

Wanxiang A123's "Preparation Method of Lithium Iron Phosphate, a High Rate Anode Material" is one of the core patents of high rate lithium iron phosphate anode material, which is used in 48V start-stop battery system and has a global market share of over 50%. "A box-integrated liquid-cooled piping heat-exchange power battery system" is used in 48V lithium-ion micro-hybrid power system, with the function of regulating the battery temperature, thus improving the safety of the product and prolonging its service life. Both products were awarded the title of "Zhejiang Manufacturing Excellence" and "Zhejiang Outstanding Industrial Products".

Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Award is the only provincial government award in the field of intellectual property in the whole category and chain in the country, aiming at recognizing and motivating the units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the work of intellectual property in the province, and promoting the creation of intellectual property with high value, high-efficiency and beneficial application, high-level protection, high-efficiency management and high-standard service.