Wanxiang A123 Liquid Cooling System Tackling Group - Accelerating Technology Iteration and Product Layout

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Green low-carbon development is the new direction of global economic development, in order to achieve the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", the new energy storage industry has ushered in explosive growth, the development of energy storage products as the company's key work. In order to accelerate the upgrading of energy storage technology and product layout, the 1500V liquid-cooled system team synthesized the dynamics of the energy storage industry, utilized the existing technical advantages and product foundation, and completed the technical transformation and iteration from power to energy storage in a short period of time, and formulated the upgrading target from 1000V air-cooled system to 1500V liquid-cooled energy storage system. The team quickly completed the design of 40-foot container with 1500V liquid-cooled energy storage system, which improved the competitiveness of the product and won the honorary title of "Entrepreneurship" in 2022 of Wanxiang Group Company.



Developing Energy Storage Products

With the explosive growth of the energy storage industry, various energy storage system solutions are emerging in the market. In the energy storage system, the most core technology is lithium-ion battery system. Wanxiang A123 engineering team has been deeply cultivating in the lithium-ion battery industry for more than 20 years, and has the ability to develop the whole chain of BMS software, hardware, algorithms, structure, thermal management design and simulation, and has a deep understanding and knowledge of how to design a good battery cell, use a good battery cell, and protect a good battery cell.

Based on this, the team developed a 1500V liquid-cooled energy storage container system, which improves system efficiency while keeping the electric core in the "comfort zone", the BMS intelligent control system in operation, and the high-intensity structure and system safety protection strategy to guard the safe operation of the energy storage power station. The team has completed the preliminary development of advantageous energy storage products in a short period of time, and the developed energy storage container system has the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life and high safety protection, and has the leading advantage of the industry technology.

Utilizing our strengths to fast-track development

Wanxiang A123's power battery products are mainly used in high-end passenger cars, which have extremely harsh requirements for power battery products, especially the battery management system, which is highly demanding, difficult and heavy, and there are only a few manufacturers in the world that can meet the needs of these high-end customers. Wanxiang A123 engineering development team has been fully practiced in these projects and gained unanimous recognition from customers.

The experience accumulated in the field of vehicle control system has laid a profound technical foundation for the development of control system in the field of energy storage, which enables the product development of 1500V liquid cooling system to advance rapidly. The developed energy storage products can meet the requirements of functional safety and network security, and have rich software functions and future expansion functions. Combined with the unique application scenarios and working conditions of energy storage, the team has formulated safety protection and control management strategies for energy storage systems after continuous technical research, providing an important control technology foundation for energy storage products.

Collective Intelligence to efficiently complete the design

In just three months, the team completed a series of complex system design work, including the first round of module design, battery pack design, BMS strategy development, algorithm optimization iteration, fire protection system, temperature control system and electrical system design, which involved hundreds of parts and components.

Recalling that period of time, members of the research team felt that walking into the office every morning was like going to the front line to fight a war, and we tried our best to catch up with the progress. Often, during the day to do the design, drawings, do the verification, the evening after work, sitting together for review, program review, the next day to continue to optimize and polish the product, in the container's limited space reasonably arranged more energy to enhance the product power. Every day we come to the company have their own "habitual first action", the project manager combing the arrangements for the day's project tasks, product engineers are headlong into the design program weighing the pros and cons of structural engineers to open the structure of the number of models to start checking the details of the assembly of parts, software engineers in the line of code shuttle between the lines of simulation engineers build the parameters for verification. Simulation engineers are constantly adjusting the parameters of the built model to verify the ...... everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.

At present, the first application project will be delivered in July, and after the delivery of the project, the team will further optimize the product according to the operation situation and form a platform to promote the product in China, and also develop standardized products for the overseas market to open up the overseas business. 1500V Liquid-cooled Energy Storage System team will continue to work together and will charge to the next position soon!