National Development and Reform Commission institutional reform department to Wanxiang research

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On March 15, the reform department of the National Development and Reform Commission came to Wanxiang Innovation and Energy City for research and discussion with Lu Weiding on the development of new quality productivity. Before the discussion, the company visited the Wanxiang 123 exhibition hall. The relevant person in charge of the provincial, municipal and district development and Reform Commission participated, and the person in charge of the relevant enterprises and departments accompanied the reception.


Lu Weding reported in detail the development of Wanxiang, the construction of Wanxiang Innovation Cluster City, and the practical exploration of Wanxiang's development of new quality productivity, and put forward the institutional demands in the process of developing new quality productivity. The company said that the construction of world-class enterprises, the need to vigorously cultivate and promote the entrepreneurial spirit, listen to the introduction of Wanxiang, very inspired. The company praised Wanxiang's strategic foresight, finding certainty from uncertainty, creating core competitiveness with the innovation ability for a long time, closely matching with the national strategy, and coming to the forefront and walking out of a new road.