Wanxiang A123's first batch of ultra-long-life 300Ah aluminum-cased energy storage batteries rolled off the production line

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On the morning of July 18, the first batch of 300Ah aluminum-shelled energy storage cores of Wanxiang A123 rolled off the production line in No. 5 plant, marking the company's leapfrog transformation from soft-packed cores to aluminum-shelled energy storage cores. The project team has surpassed the technical level of its counterparts with two years of hard work, helping the company to accelerate its entry into the energy storage market.



Compared with other products in the same industry, this product has high capacity of electric core, leading level of specific energy by weight, specific energy by volume and other indexes, and the design target cycle life is 12,000 times, which meets the demand of 20 years of service in the future energy storage; in addition, the negative pole adopts composite metal material, which makes it convenient to weld the series-parallel connection of packs; due to high capacity of the single unit, it can reduce the number of series-parallel connection and is convenient for the management of BMS, and it is very high in efficiency of formation, and in the future, the product can be applied in the application fields of home energy storage, standby power supply, and industrial/commercial energy storage, etc.

Aluminum shell core low investment, easy composition, long warranty features, so that its advantages in the field of energy storage, domestic and foreign mainstream core factory energy storage products are large size aluminum shell core as the direction of development, the demand for lithium-ion batteries for energy storage represented by the aluminum shell core has also shown a rapid growth trend. Wanxiang A123 is deeply engaged in the direction of soft pack battery core, after more than 20 years of development, in the high power, high energy, long life, high security lithium-ion battery core products and system technology, product quality has a good reputation, especially lithium iron phosphate technology and products overseas popularity, process technology accumulation has obvious advantages, energy storage products have won a number of domestic and foreign customers, which for the company to vigorously develop aluminum shell energy storage core to lay a solid foundation for the company. This has laid a solid foundation for the company to vigorously develop aluminum shell energy storage core.

How to take advantage of the strong strength of the soft package stacked chip core technology, and quickly attack the aluminum shell coiled core technology has become a difficult problem in front of the project team. Especially the long life requirements of energy storage applications, has been commercialized 280Ah energy storage aluminum shell core cycle life has reached more than 8000 times, 10,000 times has also been reported. To catch up, the project team is faced with patent technology barriers and must develop its own intellectual property technology.

At the beginning of the project, Dr. Han Xiao, director of the core development department, encouraged everyone to combine the spirit of craftsmanship in the new era with the spirit of Wanxiang's "Three Creations", to benchmark against the international first-class, and to develop aluminum-shelled core technology with its own intellectual property rights in a high standard, and to put forward the goal of developing a single unit of 300Ah with a cycling performance of 12,000 times. Project team members in the absence of aluminum shell core manufacturing conditions, make full use of the soft package stacked chip core technology accumulation, learn from equipment suppliers, participate in international and domestic conferences to learn, to the industry seniors, the organization of expert demonstration, through a variety of forms and unremitting efforts, only two years to overcome the obstacles, a new aluminum shell core test line, and do a lot of pre-design validation, complete the iteration from the stacked to the rolled core, realize the aluminum shell core from the stacked to the rolled. We have achieved the goal of aluminum shell battery core from scratch and 12,000 times of ultra-long cycle life.

At the product launching ceremony, Wanxiang A123 Deputy General Manager Li Fanqun emphasized the strategic significance of aluminum-housed energy storage cores for the company's development. The core set accounts for more than 30% of the cost in the whole vehicle and about 60% of the cost in the energy storage system, so the importance of the aluminum shell core is self-evident in the fast-growing energy storage market. It is not easy for the project team to reach or even surpass the level of aluminum shell technology accumulated by others for many years in a short period of time; for the company, the 300Ah long-life aluminum shell core system design and process design qualitatively is of great significance for the next step to promote large-scale mass production, and also lays the technical foundation of 320Ah for a single unit; Wanxiang A123's low-voltage products have the world's first market share and excellent reputation, and it is necessary to take advantage of the situation to do a good job in energy storage. The market share of Wanxiang A123's low-voltage products is the first in the world, and its reputation is very good, so it should take advantage of the situation to do a good job in the energy storage market, so that the energy storage products and low-voltage products can go hand in hand in the future, and win new and bigger economic growth points for the company.

With the increase of policy support for new energy storage, the establishment of commercialization mechanism of power market, and the clear business model of energy storage, the demand for energy storage core in many application scenarios such as power system energy storage, base station energy storage and home energy storage will gradually increase. The launch of 300Ah aluminum shell core marks the leaping transformation of Wanxiang123 from traditional soft pack core to aluminum shell energy storage core, and the diversification of strategic layout. Aluminum shell core is ready for launching, and it will accelerate its entry into the energy storage market, and contribute to the realization of the goal of "dual-carbon" and the development of China's energy transformation.