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Recently, the EES Europe was held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. As a world-renowned supplier of lithium-ion batteries and total system solutions, Wanxiang A123 appeared at the exhibition under the brand name of A123 Systems, and introduced high-voltage stacked home energy storage systems and 40-foot 6.9MWh large-scale liquid-cooled containers for energy storage in the European market, which brought better system solutions for home and industrial and commercial energy storage in Europe. At the same time, the core products on display covered a number of soft pack series and 280Ah square shell cores, debuting in the European energy storage market in the form of diversified cores.



A-POWER", a series of high-voltage stacked home energy storage products launched by Wanxiang A123, provides flexible choices from 5.7 kWh to 17.2 kWh, and is characterized by ultimate safety, high efficiency, intelligent operation and maintenance, and so on. The products are characterized by extreme safety, high efficiency operation, intelligent operation,maintenance etc. The appearance design is extremely simple and simple, which is more home style; the built-in safety protection module guards the safe operation of the family; and the BMS component adopts automobile-grade chips, which is more stable and reliable. Product development focuses more on family use scenarios and safe and reliable operation, providing high-end energy storage system solutions for European and global families.



The 40-foot liquid-cooled energy storage container is the first large storage system product developed by Wanxiang A123, with a large capacity of 6.9MWh, saving floor space; the system adopts a high-efficiency liquid-cooling system, which reduces the energy consumption of the liquid-cooling system itself in the extreme; and the intelligent integrated control platform combines the battery management system, the safety and protection system and the temperature control system, so that the energy storage system can be operated in a more safe, stable and efficient way.

In order to prepare for this exhibition, the marketing and engineering development staff of Hangzhou headquarter devoted themselves to organizing the exhibition materials for many days, docking with the partners to produce promotional videos overnight, and expediting the production of exhibition samples; the German branch efficiently completed a series of work such as venue booking, exhibition planning, booth layout, and optimization and proofreading of the promotional materials in a short period of time. In order to ensure that the exhibition site achieves the expected display effect, the Hangzhou headquarters sent staff to participate in and support the exhibition activities.


As one of the largest battery exhibitions in the world, this year's Munich exhibition covers an exhibition area of 180,000 square meters and attracts more than 3,400 exhibitors from all over the world. Energy storage customers, distributors, partners, media and industry insiders came to Wanxiang A123's booth to learn about the products, exchange and negotiate, and expressed their affirmation of A123 Systems' new posture and high quality products in the energy storage exhibition, and wished that the company would create another success in the new energy storage channel, bring more high quality and differentiated products, and lead the industry to develop benignly together. We hope that the company will make further achievements in the new course of energy storage, bring more quality and differentiated products, and lead the benign development of the industry.

In this exhibition, Wanxiang A123 demonstrated the competitiveness of its products and learned about the latest development of the industry. The company will redouble its efforts to promote the rapid development of the energy storage business, continue to provide customers with high-quality products, provide cleaner and smarter solutions for the community, and fulfill its mission of " making the air fresher"!